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Fun in the Sun: Tips to protect your kids

Finally the long days of summer are here!  If your kids are like mine they are addicted to the outdoors.  They have barely cleared the sleep from their eyes  before they race outside to play –  I’m lucky if I manage to drag them inside for a couple meals!    In my practice, parents are often concerned about too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays but there is also concern about the chemicals in sunscreens.    Here’s what you need to know this summer to keep your kids safe:SS_Kids_3.4oz_Tube

  1. The sun is not evil, some exposure is healthy and provides essential vitamin D production.
  2. Suncreen is not evil, but some are better than others.  Choose a sunscreen that is free of parabens and is bio-degradable.    My faves are Badger and Goddess Garden, which is available for purchase in our online store .



3. Age matters – your strategy for protecting your kids should change as your kid ages.  For kids under 1, skip the sunscreen and opt for a full coverage with UV protected clothing or bathing suits.  Get one that covers the arms and legs entirely.

One of my faves is the swimsuit you can purchase at Mountain Equipment Coop.  After age 1 it is safe to apply sunscreen as needed to your kid but try and keep sensitive areas such as heads, shoulders, ears and noses covered with UV protected clothing or bathing suits.

4.  Want to know if your sunscreen is safe?  Check out EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic database to see how it ranks