Benefits of Laser Therapy

by Dr. Melanie Stewart

How do I know Laser Therapy is right for me? 
Laser Therapy treatments are offered at The Somerset Health and Wellness Centre as part of your chiropractic treatment.  This option of care is administered by Chiropractor, Dr. Melanie Stewart.  On your initial visit, your health concerns will be discussed, a thorough physical examination will be performed, and a detailed discussion will follow on whether Laser Therapy is right for you. 

Does Laser Therapy hurt? 
No.  Low-Level Laser is painless!  Laser Therapy treatment is done using a special laser device (MedX Laser) that emits light waves in a controlled, specific intensity and wavelength, and at a specific dose based on the condition and area being treated. 

How much does Laser Therapy cost? 
Laser Therapy fees are equal to those of a Chiropractic treatment, and are often covered by your extended health coverage under your Chiropractic benefits. 

What conditions can Laser Therapy treat? 
Laser Therapy can effectively treat most injuries, as it stimulated deep healing in the area the light is applied.  There are very few contra-indications to the use of Laser Therapy, as it is an extremely safe modality.  It can safely and comfortably be used to treat sports injuries, spinal pain, tendinitis in the elbow, shoulder, or wrist. “