Low-dose Allergen Therapy: A New Tool to Manage Symptoms

By Dr. Erin Kasparek, ND 


Are you struggling with symptoms related to certain food sensitivities, seasonal allergies or even chemical sensitivities? 

The Naturopathic Doctors at SHWC are excited to have a new tool to help manage and resolve allergy-type symptoms, in the hopes of reducing reliance on anti-histamines and long-term restrictive diets that tiptoe around food sensitivities.

Low-dose Allergen (LDA) therapy is an extremely low dose, homeopathic treatment for broad mixtures of allergens:

  • Inhalants
  • Foods
  • Chemicals
  • Woods

It is administered every 8 weeks as a tasteless liquid held under the tongue for one minute. Allergen combinations are given with an enzyme called beta-glucuronidase which sends a signal to the immune system telling it to tolerate these allergens rather than being reactive to them. Similar to your conventional allergy shots, LDA therapy is intended to help the immune system regulate the hyperactive immune response that many individuals have to inhale and ingested environmental allergens. Think of it as growing a protective group of immune cells whose job is to decrease these inappropriate allergic responses.

Who can benefit?

LDA therapy is safe for infants, children and for those who are on multiple medications. People with the following symptoms and conditions are considered great candidates:

  • Food sensitivities, and their associated symptoms:
    • Migraines, headaches
    • Chronic ear infections, strep throat, recurrent respiratory tract infections like bronchitis
    • Hives, eczema, rashes due to allergy
    • ADHD and brain fog
  • Seasonal allergies:
    • Hay fever, allergic rhinitis, chronic stuffy nose and post-nasal drip, dust and mold allergy
    • Chronic sinusitis and sinus headaches
    • Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and malaise
    • Auto-immune disease, including arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

How long does it take to work?

Most people notice a difference within the first 1-2 treatments, with compounding benefit over the course of repeated treatments. While 50% should expect to have full benefits within 16 treatments; others may need a booster every year or two to maintain tolerance to their past allergies.  LDA therapy doses are given every 8 weeks for the first 6-8 treatments and afterward, they can be extended into longer intervals. It is important to keep in mind that the more severe the symptoms, the longer they take to fully resolve. As is the case with most natural medicine, babies and children respond much sooner than the average adult. 

Allergies (seasonal and foods) are well-managed with other natural strategies such as

  • Food sensitivity testing and avoidance of those considered trigger foods;
  • Homeopathic and herbal remedies used as anti-histamines to control itchy eyes, nasal congestion, and itchy skin;
  • Select nutritional supplements and probiotics which work to heal the digestive tract lining, and balance the 70%+ of our immune tissue that resides in the gut lining.


Next time you’re in the clinic, discuss these options with your ND!