Cancer Care

Here at the Somerset Health and Wellness Centre, we see patients at all stages of cancer. Our patients come in for prevention and screening as well as to work alongside conventional treatments to minimize side effects. Patients also come in who have completed treatment and want to minimize the risk of recurrence.

When working with patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, treatment may include:

Our goal is to provide complementary therapies to support conventional cancer treatments in a way that is safe, effective and not detrimental. We take a patient-centred approach and utilize treatments that are supported by evidence and clinic experience, to empower the body to strengthen and heal itself. We aim to support body function during treatment, decrease side effects of treatment, support the immune system and improve quality of life.

What to expect on your first visit:
Your first visit with the Naturopathic Doctor will entail a detailed review of health history, review of labs and pathology reports, discussion around diet and lifestyle interventions as well as recommendations for other forms of treatment. This visit may also include a physical exam. Follow up visits vary depending on what therapies are recommended.