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JOIN The Gut Reset Sisterhood: Now accepting applications! 
Get effective treatment once and for all under the guidance of a
Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Jennifer Luck of Somerset Health and Wellness Centre
Space is limited to 12 patients
- A 6 week ONLINE patient Treatment program -
are you looking to 
 To heal your gut using
 A natural STEP-BY-STEP Method? 
 Treat the Root Cause of your painful bloating, farting, diarrhea, constipation and embarrasment 
Hop off the wait list and into treatment! Benefit from 6 appointments live (via zoom) with Dr. Luck at a fraction of the price of working with her 1:1
  • 6 online group treatment sessions  - live with Dr. Luck
  • Includes all your supplements - delivered to your door!
  • Get all your gut health questions answered

Week 1

Wed, March 10 2021

-  Learn what is normal digestion
-  How to manage your symptoms
-  Intro to probiotic challenge
-  Our breath and how it affects  
   our digestion

Week 2

Wed, March 17 2021

- Intro to Low FODMAP diet 
- Probiotic challenge week 2 
- Adrenals and your gut health    

Week 3

Wed, March 24 2021

- Mindful eating
- Probiotic challenge week 3
- Balancing your plate 
- Your stomach acid

Week 4

Wed, March 31 2021

- Share our plates
- Probiotic challenge week 4
- Your liver and gallbladder

Week 5

Wed, April 7 2021

- Balancing your alkalinity 
- Finding hormone balance 
- Essential blood work     

Week 6

Wed, April 14 2021

- Recap and review
- Prepare for what's next

Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:30 PM
Each 90 minutes session per week will look like this:

Opening meditation (3 mins)
Review last weeks treatment
Q & A
Gut Learning
Review Treatment Plan
Set Goals
Check Out

PAY-AS-YOU-GO Price per session
299 $99+HST (Save 200$ per session)
*naturopathic visit insurance receipt can be provided for the treatment portion upon request.  
    Dr. Jennifer Luck, N.D.
    Dr. Jennifer Luck
    Naturopathic Doctor | Owner Somerset Health and Wellness Center
    ABOUT Dr. Jennifer Luck, N.D.
    I am a naturopathic doctor with over 15 years in practice.  From a young age I suffered with IBS and eventually discovered I had SIBO.  I remember feeling so lonely and frustrated and wanting answers.  I was embarrassed by my stinky farts, my unpredictable diarrhea and I  felt afraid to eat anything.  I began to learn everything there is to know about SIBO and treated myself.  I have since treated hundreds of patients using my unique Gut To The Root program.

    This group program is the solution I wished for when I was struggling with IBS myself. There are so many women out there suffering on their own or waiting months to get in to see me one on one.  I wanted to create an affordable program that could help more women than ever before.  

    The GUT RESET lays the foundations for healing your gut.  If you have been diagnosed with SIBO you are in the right place. This course must be completed before taking the SIBO Sisterhood treatment program  
    YOU'LL LEARN The Answers TO... 
    What has been causing my diarrhea and/or constipation?

    Do I have food sensitivities? 

    Why am I so bloated after I eat?

    Am I sabotaging my digestion?
    Which tests should I do?
    Does my body produce sufficient enzymes for digestion? 
    Am I missing any nutrients from my diet? 
    What are my health habits? How can I set goals to improve my habits? 

    How does my mood and mindset affect my bowels?
    Should my diet change with the seasons?
    What balance of macronutrients does my body thrive on? 
    Are my gallbladder and liver affecting my digestion? 
    What is my transit time? 
    How much raw food should I be eating?
    Do I need to take probiotics? If so, which ones?
    And so much more... 
     FREQUENTLY Asked Questions... 
    I have been diagnosed with SIBO, is this the right course for me?
    Yes it is! You are in the right place!  The 6 week GUT RESET lays the foundations for healing your gut.  This course must be completed before taking the SIBO Sisterhood treatment program which will begin May 2021 and you will be given priority when registrations opens up.
    Do I have to be a patient of Dr. Luck?
    Yes, because during this program I will be prescribing treatments to you, you must be a patient of mine.  As soon as we receive your application we will contact you for a brief 30 min visit to make sure you can safely participate in this group.  We also accept referrals from M.D.'s or N.D.'s in which case you may not need to meet with me before starting the group.   Please complete the application and we will be in touch.
    I think I might have SIBO, can I get tested?
    Absolutely, we will arrange to have you tested so you can take the SIBO Sisterhood program in May if needed
    Why do you offer 2 separate groups The Gut Reset and The SIBO Sisterhood?
    Many patients will find they feel so great after the 6 week gut reset that they do not require further treatments.  I want you to have time after completing the Gut Reset to see if you want to continue with the SIBO Sisterhood program.
    Are the sessions covered by insurance?
    Yes! Because the sessions are provided by Dr. Jennifer Luck who is a registered naturopathic doctor in Ontario you will receive a receipt after each session that you can submit to your insurance provider.
    Does it include supplements?
    Yes, the supplement package will be sent to you free of charge upon registration.  The cost is $149 + HST and includes all the supplements you need to complete the 6 week program.  
    What if I have already tried the Low Fodmap diet?
    That's great, this will build on the information you already have.  If you do not wish to follow the diet that is no problem! You are not obligated to follow the diet and I will make other recommendations to help you find the diet that is right for you.
    These scheduled times don't work for me, will the Gut Reset be offered any other time?
    We always aim to offer the program at a time that works well for you, I know you are busy! Please let us know what time works better for you
    Is this program for women only?
    No, this program is for anyone who identifies with being part of a sisterhood, it is inclusive of everyone.  If you feel called to be part of this group I invite you to apply.     
    I have never meditated before or I don't like meditation, will this work for me?
    No, you do not need to have any experience with meditation! This course covers the importance of our breathing and our mindset and how it affects our digestive system.   Come with an open mind and ready to try some new techniques!    
    I have been diagnosed with Crohn's / Colitis (IBD) can I take this program? 
    Yes, this gut reset program is ideal for laying those foundations of gut health regardless of the root cause of your digestive problems.
    Do I have to attend each session?
    Yes, you are committing to attend each week as it is essential so I can explain the treatment to you.  It is also an essential part of the group support system.  That being said, life happens!  If something unexpected arises or you know in advance you cannot make one session there will be a 25$ administrative fee and you will be expected to book a 1:1 visit with me (at the regular rate) so I can prescribe the treatment to you before the next group session. - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions