Liberate your Curve! 
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5 group classes on liberating the health of your 
cells, self, and society
informed by Indigenous knowledges 

Somerset Health and Wellness Centre
Dr. Laura Batson

 It Is Time To Rise Again, Together.
You are Bruised By This Year,
 But Not Defeated. 

Calling all 
activists, healers and creatives.
Liberate your curve
Liberate your cells
Liberate yourself
Liberate society

Facilitated by Dr. Laura Batson, (artist, poet, author and naturopathic doctor), this unique course will restore your inner knowing and have you looking at the world around you in a whole new way. 

Space is limited to 10 participants

Practices for the liberation of authentic self; how to receive guidance from your soul, from nature and from art-making; how to (re)member your sources of knowledge and medicine
Nutrition science and foods that liberate the health of your cells; plant intelligence and herbal medicines for whole healing of your body systems

Indigenous knowledge woven with Western nonlinear science to discover pathways for healing from colonialism and oppression, and pathways for liberation of Indigenous knowledge

 The sliding scale is designed so that those who can afford to pay more are covering the course value
for their own course and also pay for someone who cannot afford to pay more.
This covers the bare bones cost for 
Dr. Batson to offer the course
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including Dr. Batson's compensation 

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Dr. Laura Batson
Naturopathic Doctor | Author of Curvature: The Science and Soul of Nonlinearity
ABOUT Dr. Laura Batson, N.D.
My journey to become a naturopathic doctor began after reading the following passage from a complementary and alternative medicine book:

“In ancient and indigenous healing systems, medicine was not about the putting of things into the body but using external resources to help stimulate the internal resources of the body. The body heals itself and maintains it’s own health.”

I was nearing the end of my undergraduate degree in Biology and I knew the linear path I was on to become a medical doctor was about to take a turn. Rather than medical school, I enrolled in a postgraduate degree in Holistic Science where I was immersed in traditional and Indigenous knowledge systems, complexity theory and systems thinking, and the practice of intuition, spirit-dialogue and art-making as guides for scientific inquiry. 

Upon graduating, I was called to put this knowledge into practice as a holistic medical professional who honoured the wholeness and sacredness of healing, the power of plants and creativity in healing, and the recognition of one's innate resources to heal themselves.  This lead me to the study and practice of naturopathic medicine. 
Curvature: The Science and Soul of Nonlinearity

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All participants will receive 40% off
Curvature: The Science and soul of nonlinearity
This is a book of art, science, poetry and spirit that tells the story curvature. 

 Many of us find ourselves living lives in straight paths (following the straight and narrow), always reaching for the next goal but seldom remembering who we are. We have forgotten how to turn into ourselves. Our souls are naturally curvaceous. They want to turn into themselves. But we have forgotten the language of Curvature. We have forgotten how to become the potential we were meant to become.
This is the story of Curvature and how to remember the curvature of your soul.