Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Intolerance Testing
At our clinic we only test for food intolerances through two reputable labs: Dynacare and Lifelabs. We have been working with these companies for almost a decade and are confident in the quality of their testing.

Why test for food intolerances?
More of our patients are concerned that the food they are eating may be affecting their health. Every day there seems to be a breaking news story about a food that could be making you sick. It can difficult to make a decision about what foods to eat. By testing for intolerances to foods we can help you find out if there are certain foods you should avoid and help you find a diet that is perfect for you.

We have known for a long time that certain foods can have a profound effect on our health. At the extreme end there are food allergies, which can bring on severe reactions and even death. But people can also have an intolerance to certain foods. While not life-threatening – these foods can bring on a wide range of unpleasant symptoms such as respiratory or gastrointestinal disorders, migraines, headaches or dermatological problems such as eczema.

The good news is that dietary management based on identifying the food intolerance is associated with significant and rapid improvement in symptoms for almost 80% of people. But it’s often difficult to pinpoint the offending food as symptoms are often delayed and can appear up to three days after eating the food.

Since food-specific IgG antibodies (produced by the body’s immune system) and symptoms of food intolerance are closely linked, the Dynacare Food Intolerance Test uses a microarray-based test that can detect IgG antibodies to more than 200 different foods to help identify the foods which may be causing symptoms.
For pricing please speak to your doctor as it varies based on how many foods your doctor wants to test.